• Matt Moore

$871 For Leah's Baskets of Hope

Leah’s Baskets - is the vision of Leah Graves, a childhood cancer survivor.  She knew first hand, the toll it took on a family when they had a child in the hospital, fighting a life threatening disease.  She was in and out of hospitals her entire childhood.  As an adult, Leah made it her mission to bring a little comfort to the families of children with cancer.  She started making “Baskets of Hope” to distribute to the St. Francis Children’s Hospital Oncology Floor.  Leah could not work due to complications from the radiation she was given, and she was purchasing these gifts out of her own pocket!  Leah had a beautiful spirit and a heart of gold.  Unfortunately, Leah lost her battle in May of 2013.  It is now our mission to continue her vision of Leah’s Baskets.

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