YBT Membership Program:

The Young Businessmen of TuIsa is a non-profit organization designed for young entrepreneurs and businessmen ages 18-45. It’s a membership/program for people who want to better themselves and find their purpose, so they can then help others, so they can then change the world.

The YBT is focused on connecting, inspiring, and developing young business leaders to find and pursue their purpose.


The principle is simple, create leaders for a lifetime by building solid foundations in a person’s business and life by focusing on the mind, body, and spirit; our goal is to help each person succeed in all areas of their life so they can then lead others and fulfill their life’s purpose.

YBT creates leaders for a lifetime!

The Young Businessmen of Tulsa is a fellowship designed originally for men. The reason why we were designed for men is because one of our main goals was to create well rounded businessmen, husbands, fathers, and brothers. We are focused on the whole man by encouraging positive growth in all areas of life.

Due to a vote of the board YBT has now opened parts of its membership to all ages and sex. Every member will be given the ability to attend each monthly luncheon for free along with the ability to bring a guest. Membership will also include a discounted rate for the quarterly mentor meetings ($25 instead of $175). However due to the nature of the monthly member forums (small groups) these will be limited for men ages 18-45. As soon as there is a woman to lead a women's member forum we will launch it and make the member forum available to our women membership ages 18-45.

Becoming a Member:

As a member of YBT ($250 a year) each person will get the opportunity to partake in a once in a lifetime opportunity. Opportunities to learn, grow, and give back, building a launching pad for each person.

Some of those opportunities are:

- Mentorship from Tulsa business leaders

- Attend YBT monthly luncheons for free

- Exclusive and powerful relationships

- Attend private events, seminars, and trips

- Partner with like-minded leaders

- Help cultivate vision and growth for Tulsa

- Held accountable to see your goals fulfilled.

- Opportunities to be elected for leadership roles inside YBT.

Perks of being a paid member:

- Free to attend and eat at every monthly YBT Luncheon

- Can bring one free guest a month to the YBT Luncheon

- Free to attend YBT Member Forums (men ages 18-45 only - for the time being)

- Every member can attend Mentor Meetings for just $25 (Regular price is $175)

-Occasional gifts or event tickets provided by YBT or sponsors

- Free member lapel pin and window sticker

Read our core membership programs below for details.

Core Membership Programs:

Member Forums:

Once a month (male members ages 18-45 only) YBT members will meet for a personal member gathering. This meeting is structured to be a comfortable peer to peer conversation with the intent on becoming better businessmen, husbands, fathers, and brothers. The forum is also designed to be a resource to those looking to solve problems.

(As soon as we have a woman to lead a woman's member forum we will then open the member forum to women ages 18-45)


Each member is in a different place in life and business, giving the group a wealth of experience and knowledge. The hope is that each person can source from the collective insight and connections when trying to solve a particular problem.


In essence we are our brothers keeper and the YBT member forum provides help, prayer, and accountability for those seeking answers.

(Member Forums pictured below)





Mentor Meetings:

Each year the YBT will hold 4 (once a quarter) mentor meetings/sessions that allow an individual to sit down with a highly recognizable and successful businessman in a small group. These private settings are great for Q&A's and learning from each mentor's story/advice.

Every paid member will have the opportunity to join these roundtable discussions at a HUGE discount. For non-members to attend the mentor meetings its $175 each time. For any member its only $25


Past sessions have included the likes of:


  • Bob Mills, CEO of Bob Mills Furniture

  • Jeff Davis, Chairman of US Beef Corp.

  • Bob Hurley, Owner of Bob Hurley Auto Family


  • Mart Green, CSO of Hobby Lobby & CEO of Mardel Christian

  • Bill McCollough, CEO of McGraw Realtors 


  • Jim Stovall, Author & Founder of Narrative Television Network


  • Sean Kouplen, CEO of Regent Bank


  • Ted Robertson, Founder of Robertson Tire Co.


  • And many more...

(Mentor Meetings pictured below)





Monthly Luncheons:

Luncheons are located at Ti Amos - 6024-A South Sheridan (NW corner of 61st & Sheridan) Tulsa, OK. Lunch is $25 ($7 of each ticket goes to the monthly charity project) and is open to the public. Anyone is allowed to attend and join. Registered YBT members eat for free and are allowed to bring one free guest.


At about 12:20pm our keynote speaker will take the podium and finish around 1:00pm. Members and guests will get the opportunity to hear from a great speaker, meet with like-minded people, and give back to our community by contributing to our monthly (charity) pay-it-forward project.

(YBT Luncheons pictured below)


IMG_4447 (1)
IMG_4447 (1)



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Basic Luncheon Memberships:
This basic membership is open to all ages both male and female. This membership allows for free access to all YBT luncheons and provides the discount to the quarterly mentor meetings. Please click the Paypal button below and submit your information and payment through Paypal. We will reach out to you via email or telephone once payment has been submitted to set up a one-on-one lunch or small group meeting with the president of YBT. At this personal lunch you will receive items that come with your membership along with the opportunity to ask additional questions.
Individual Memberships:
If you're a male between the ages of 18-45 and looking to become a paid member of YBT please click the Paypal button below and submit your information and payment through Paypal. This membership includes all membership benefits described above but also includes access to the exclusive member forums (small groups). We will reach out to you via email or telephone once payment has been submitted to set up a one-on-one lunch with the president of YBT. At this personal lunch you will receive items that come with your membership along with the opportunity to ask additional questions.




Company Memberships:

Are you a company looking to sponsor a few of your employees? Many companies look to find ways to add value to the lives of their employees. Membership to the YBT is a key way to invest into your workforce and provide personal and professional development. There are currently three options to choose from. All options provide a discount. Please select the desired number of memberships and submit payment. We will be reaching out to you via phone or email after payment has been submitted. The president of YBT will meet with each new member one-on-one to answer any questions and provide items that come with membership. 

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